Sunday, May 3, 2015

Universal Studio Singapore 3 May 2015

Though this isn't the first time I have been to Universal Studios, this is the only time I remembered to take pictures *grin*.  What better ways to remember something than to blog about it and upload tons of photos on Facebook *bigger grin*.

Entrance fee is S$68 but we got it lower due to corporate purchase. The price excludes parking.

Upon arriving at RWS, you will be greeted with the iconic huge rotating globe and then you will see the entrance right next to it.

Oh by the way, lockers are available if you need to keep your luggage. It is not recommended to keep your child in the lockers to avoid suffocation.

It sure was crowded on the inside.  The streets were filled with people both locals and tourists.

Our first stop was to the Madagascar section.  Was too early for the shows and we weren't particular interested in any rides, so we proceeded on.

We then went to Far Far Away land. Had been to the Shrek 4D movies before but don't see why we shouldn't go again. If this is your first time, try to sit in the front blocks coz those are the chairs that moves....yah, you will feel the galloping, the water droplets from Shrek sneezing and all on top of the 3D effect. Pretty cool, I should say.  When we got out of the theatre, there was this gift shop that sells drinks in potion bottles. Kindda interesting!

Our next stop was the Lost World, which includes Jurassic Park and Water World. In Jurassic Park, there are some kiddy rides here for the not so young kids. At Dino-Soarin, kids can pilot their own Pteranodon!  And for those who love water rafting, do head over to the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure. Don't worry about getting wet, there are dryers in the park for you to dry yourself. Just pay.

This is one really interesting show.  There are a lot of audience interaction before the proper show starts. And like any other get wet show, do choose the front few rows (blue colored seats) if you want to get really wet....or drenched. You might want to prepare a poncho too. The entire show will involve lots of fire works and water splashing and people falling into water. Definitely not for the faint hearted.

Further venturing led us to Ancient Egypt. I am so fascinated by everything in the gift shop.  From cute cushion to display items...they are so intricately produced.  By the way, Oakley's sunnies are also sold in the shop.  Do remember to take pictures with Army of Anubis who will be roaming around.

The only part of Sci-Fi city was perhaps the Transformer...or to be exact, Bumblebee! Alright, I'm not one of those ladies...they just happen to be there when I snap the pic *grin* and I thought they were sweet looking.  There are lots of exciting rides here if your heart could take it.

No idea where this is but looks like the backlane of New York.

After hanging around abit in New York, it was time for the street performances that marches through the entire street. I thought the Egypt one was really nice.  My other favourite will be the cute penguins.  Do not forget to check out the Lights, Camera, Action show where hurricane happens.  I like the part where the ship came crashing in.  Good effect!

Photos opportunity available as iconic figures moves around the street.
Fast & Furious cars exhibits!!

Oldies cars right next to Mel's drive in.

Ended the entire trip with a walk through Hollywood.  The Cruisers were performing various oldies so we stayed until they finish the entire performance and then slowly beat the traffic to walk out of USS. On the whole, it was quite a fulfilling trip.

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