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Korea (Jeju) 17 Mar 2015

Hotel: Jeju Oriental Hotel

As this is our first trip to Korea, we decided to go for package tour again.  This time we purchase our package from Hong Thai. We were booked on Korea air and flew out 1.30am.

They've got really nice food on board.  I opted for the porridge. Small packet but really filling. The inflight entertainment area comes with USB port to charge my devices...I made full use of it to charge my phone.

Upon arrival, we were whisk away in a tour bus to have our lunch. It was freezing cold so our tourguide told us that we are going to have Korean Bak Kut Teh (Gimjatang).  The taste, of course, is different from the Bak Kut Teh in Singapore.  But the boiling hot soup with huge chunks of pork ribs warms our hearts!

After a quick meal, we headed for Gimpo Airport to hop into a short flight to Jeju. Once we touched down, we were again bundled up into the tourbus and off to our first sight seeing.  First location on the itinerary is the famous Mysterious Road. What is so mysterious about this road is that vehicles can still move upslope with the engine switched off.  We had the engine of the bus switched off and experienced it first hand what it felt like.  The bus was first moving at a very slow speed but it started to gear up towards the end of the road.  We then got off the bus to watch other vehicle move on the road. It was quite an interesting sight.  Somewhere nearby, I even saw a stand giving out free Christian literature.

Lots of snacks available.  My first time trying the milk.  At first, I thought it was some yoghurt drink or a big bottle of Yakult.  Tried the one with black cap and realised that it's banana milk.  I never like flavoured milk but this taste nice.

After visiting the Mysterious road, we proceeded so something less mysterious. After a quick drive, we arrived at Trick Eye Museum and Ice Museum. Didn't take much viewable pictures in Trick Eye Museum.  Due to time constraints (yup, it always happen if you are on a tour), we had to rush through the exhibits. Took some pictures inside the Ice Museum. I especially like the igloo! There's a bed in bed that you can really sleep on. All alcohol are also placed in an ice shelve which acted to chill the alcohol.  Quite cool!  I was only inside for less than 15 mins and was already freezing. Gloves, boots and jackets available for those who didn't bring theirs.

Before our tourguide start to feed us dinner, he brought us to the Dragon Head rock. There's basically nothing here except for the black rock that is sculpted by nature to look like a dragon head.  However, the sea view is pretty. Doesn't need to spend a lot of time here.  Maybe about 10 mins max. There's also a souvenir soup nearby which sells Korean gifts. The shop is not huge but you can find stuffs that typical souvenir shops will sell. eg. keychain, pen, towels, mugs, socks (yes, for some reasons, Koreans are really fond of cute socks with cartoons)..etc.

Saw this Roll Hotto snack.  In Singapore, we call this flakey flour pastry as prata. In this case, they rolled the prata with egg and ham complete with vege. Kindda cool.

This is one interesting ice cream I got to try. I chose 2 flavors: Vanilla and Strawberry. Price is KRW3,000 or RMB20. It's kind of interesting to note that RMB is accepted in Korea as a form of payment. Nonetheless, the ice cream is yummy!

Next we proceeded for dinner.  We had hanjeongsik (Korea traditional set) for dinner and I so love the steam egg! The weather gets colder in towards the night, it's always good to have steamy stuffs for the tummy. Pork seems to be free flow coz the tourguide kept going around adding pork to our table!

Last on the list is bedtime!  We were booked into Jeju Oriental Hotel. A comfortable hotel with heater toilet bowl!  I know it's nothing big but if you are the winter season, this is a plus point.  Most hotel would provide shampoo and body gel but this hotel provides skin toner and emulsion.  I especially like the Enzyme Q10 emulsion. Felt good on my skin. Good thing about this hotel is that it is within walking distance to E-Mart, Jungang underground shopping mall as well as a whole row of restaurants that open till late.  So if you are hungry in the night, you can still go down for food.  Most restaurant have live seafood available.

More photos available here.

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