Friday, December 26, 2014

SEA Aquarium, Resort World Sentosa 25 Dec 2014

Had the chance to visit SEA Aquarium at a discounted price.  Usual entrance fee is S$38 but my ticket was only S$8.  We took the Sentosa express in which cost S$4 per person and alighted one stop later.  Upon reaching Resort World, we were greeted with lots of shop...follow the direction of the sign and you will see SEA Aquarium.

If you are going to drive in, do park at Tanjong or Palawan car park. From 7am-5pm, Sentosa entry per car cost S$6. Parking for 1st 8 hours cost S$3 and S$1 for subsequent hour.  Except 12pm-2pm, entry would cost S$2 per car (Rates covers all passengers in car).

Upon entering SEA Aquarium, you will be greeted by a whole lot of exhibits from different parts of the world.

Even Noah's Ark is here!

We came on the wrong day coz it was so crowded.  Makes it difficult to walk around or even take pictures.  Got to queue to take good shots.  On top of that, a lot of people were sitting and resting infront of the tanks, can't really get close at all.

Look at some interesting species of fishes I found!!!

Yellow leafy seahorse...I thought that's seaweed -.-"

Overheard one customer said that those fishes in the last photo (yah, those travelling in troops) must be really bored.  They don't have a targeted direction and would just follow the flow.  Actually, isn't following the flow also considered a target?

See the yellow stingray on top? That's a real performer!  Was told he would appear whenever there is a crowd near the tank and start performing his stunts.  Quite entertaining though.

The jellies are pretty.  Probably should have some classical music playing in the background like the one I saw in Manila.  

Nemo found!

Not a big fish lover but I love puffy fish.  Look at this cute little thing!

This puffy has heartshaped adorable.

Sharks....many different sharks.

And that's the end of my SEA Aquarium tour. Might visit again when there's not too many people for better photography opportunity.

More photos available here.

SEA Aquarium official website here.

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