Monday, June 9, 2014

Macau / Zhuhai 5-8 Jun 2014 (Part 2 - Zhuhai)

Hotel: Silver Art Hotel

After a good night's sleep in Macau, we waited for the transport to bring us to the airport for our trip to Zhuhai.  I heard from friends that there really isn't much to see in Zhuhai so don't plan for a long trip.  Kept my fingers crossed throughout the entire flight.

We checked into Silver Art Hotel. It looks like a studio apartment that comes with a little kitchenette near the entrance of our room.  The hotel is within walking distance from food, malls and cheap massage.  Didn't stay too long in the room after check in coz the tourguide was waiting for us at the lobby.  The sad thing about booking a tour package from a small travel agency is that we don't get the luxury of having big groups.  It's just the 2 of us and the tour guide as well as driver. Yes, the service is very personal but we prefer big groups.  We were told that we would be merging with another group when booking the package.  We are ok with it but well....

Our first stop was the Coast of Xianglu Bay where you can find the Fisher Girl Statue.  According to the tourguide, there's a sad love story behind why the statue was there.  I did some google search and found the write up here.

I took a picture of them coz I thought they wanted their photo taken by me.  I mean, I stood there for the longest time waiting for them to vacate the place but they were still posing away. I gave up and left after taking this shot.  So if you are the owner of the faces, please contact me for the hi-res photo.

Next up on the itinerary was a visit to Mt. Jingshan Park. Instead of walking, you can ride the cable cars up..which we did.

Didn't really have the time to walk around the park and the weather wasn't too was drizzling. So it makes the walking around rather difficult as the rocks got quite slippery. But on the whole, the view was spectacular!  Lots of souvenirs available but I wouldn't recommend. It's a touristy place with touristy price.

Saw this little statue (looks like Guan Gong) on top of a big bolder. Not sure why it's there...there wasn't any write up anywhere.

A few steps later, there is another more interesting bolder where visitors place locks over it.  The wishing rock has, over the time, collected tons of locks. I didn't bring one.  Or else, I would have put my mark there as well.

There are 2 choices to go down besides taking a long walks.  You can take the cable car or the car slide thingie.  Since we got the return tickets for cable car, we are only left with one choice. 


The Museum of Tibetan Medicine wasn't really a good visit at all.  Besides Chinese medicine (you can finish the exhibition in less than 5 mins), there was really nothing much. We were led into a room where this supposedly famous TMC doctor would perform the touching hot metal chain stunt and then use their magic cream to instantly heal his hand. We thought it was quite cool.  So bought 1 bottle of it. The "doc" kept telling us to buy more coz it will not be available elsewhere and even if there is, it will be more expensive.  He also insisted on doing a "free" analysis for us and true to what we believe, we all have problems with our bodies and need their few hundred dollars medication. We didn't buy his story.

After this, we were brought to the silk museum. No photos allowed. As with any other Chinese museums, you are required to buy something. We were followed by this young chap who kept persuading us to buy something.  We wanted to leave but the tourguide told us to sit and drink tea. While we sit, the young chap kept on persuading. We realised that if we don't buy something, we will not be able to leave. So we bought a silk pillow (convertible to blanket) for RMB100. Only after we paid, the tourguide decided that he has enough tea.

We were also brought to purchase "water goods". The bags are suppose to be from genuine branded factory but illegally brought to Zhuhai that's why no tax was involved and thus, the price is cheaper. The shop is in a little alley with no shop name.  The moment we walked in, they lock the door with huge heavy lock. Don't be fooled by the cheap price, the items are not genuine. They are, instead, AAA grade imitation.

The tourguide brought us to Gong Bei port plaza.  Things there are not cheap and of course, imitations can also be found in a little room behind the shop....just request for it.

On the whole, wasn't a very worthwhile trip.  We definitely will not visit again.

More photo here.

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