Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Malacca 18 - 20 October 2008

Hotel: Hotel Equatorial Melaka

My first Melaka trip!!  It was a birthday pressie from my loved one.  As the both of us has never been to Melaka, we decided to be safe and not be too adventurous.  Needless to say, we went for the hotel that almost every first timer stays in.

Didn't take much pictures as we were too busy exploring that I totally forgot about the photo taking.
First on our itinerary was the Jonker Street night market that happen every Fri - Sun (6pm - 12am).  There was many stuff on sale ranging from earrings to slippers to t-shirts to bags...etc. But nothing interests me more than food.  The 'must-have' I heard I had to try is the chendol.  I tried it and it was awesome.  Maybe they put lots of gula melaka that makes the dish great tasting.
We spent the morning wandering around the streets near the hotel.
And of course, not forgetting to take the iconic Christ Church picture.  If you haven't been to Christ Church, you haven't been to Malacca...so this is a must have in your trip pictures.  After that, we took the opportunity to try out those trishaw that plays really loud techno music.
There's a heritage museum right next to the church.  Nothing much in there.  We spent less than 1.5 hours to finish all the exhibits.  Being a museum, I guess, it's normal to have lots of dust.  But the exhibits seems to be a little unkept.  Perhaps some restoration work would be good.
While walking around Jonker area, we were greeted by this really interesting sight.  There were many pigeons loitering around the water fountain.  Further down (near the area where you take the river cruise), there's this huge water wheel.  No idea what that is for!
Wanted to go to the Maritime museum but went into the wrong one.  So we ended up inside the ship museum.  It is tiny and there's not much exhibits in there.  Go only if you have lots of spare time on hand.
Instead of hopping into a taxi like any other classy tourist would, we decided to walk.  Nice scenes greeted us while on our way back to the hotel.
Our last stop before reaching the hotel was A Famosa.  Didn't climb up because we didn't think we have the time.  We had to rush back to our hotel to freshen up and check out before catching our 2.30pm bus back to Singapore.

On the whole, it was a little town worth visiting again!

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